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Legacy Standard Bible Translation Notes
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The Tyndale Center for Bible Translation

Copyright © 2023 The Tyndale Center at The Master's Seminary. All rights reserved.
The English biblical text is taken from the Legacy Standard Bible
Legacy Standard Bible Copyright ©2021 by The Lockman Foundation. All rights reserved.
Managed in partnership with Three Sixteen Publishing Inc. LSBible.org
For permission to quote information visit http://www.LSBible.org
The Hebrew Old Testament is taken from the Unicode/XML Westminster Leningrad Codex
WLC Version 4.20 | UXLC 2.0 (27.1)
Transcribed to Unicode/XML by Christopher V. Kimball, Publisher (Tanach.us Inc.)
The Westminster Leningrad Codex is in the public domain.
For more information visit www.Tanach.us
The Greek New Testament is taken from the Society of Biblical Literature Greek New Testament
Edited by Michael W. Holmes
The SBLGNT is licensed freely under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License
Copyright 2010 Logos Bible Software and the Society of Biblical Literature
For more information about the SBLGNT visit www.SBLGNT.com